Dear Child,

This letter expresses my love of teaching in writing; I hope you read it and hear my voice whenever you need advice while travelling during this beautiful journey called life.

1. Life will teach you many lessons; the higher you float into the clouds, the more cloudy and foggy you will be around you. You, being intelligent, look to find a life partner who keeps you safe from that bewilderment and confusion and opens a view to the rainbow for you. Seek someone who always makes you happy and not for some time. 

2. Put yourself always in the first place. Some opportunity may come and change your life forever, but to grab that fortune, you need to use your mind first! 

3. Never forget or erase your previous mistakes and hardships in relationships with people because they happened in your existence and formed a few lines from your life history; instead, use that lesson wisely in life to use it as a building brick into your better future.

4. You need to know this now: Successful people do something that unsuccessful people cannot do, and my advice is to change your thinking according to the circumstances you are living in. Do not trust anyone as most people speak about living according to shared values and principles, but when faced with a hard decision, they choose their interests above all.

5. I would like you to realize that you live in a time when you need to be innovative and take every opportunity right when it arrives. However, do not think only about your interests and do not let your emotions control you. Don’t be as many people that cry over the spilt milk; you must know an occasion lost cannot be redeemed, and be sure of that!

6.  Do not worry about slow progress but fear you remain standing in one place for long. Remember that a person’s success depends not on luck or coincidence but on a wise, informed decision in time away from emotions.

7.  Imagine this life as a vast, great oil painting. You can put everything on it –  from colourful lines and ashy tones to all the logic and crazy colours you want to paint. This is your life; don’t be afraid you have an end to it, but be afraid that you live it without creating your unique masterpiece and leaving a legacy for the generations ahead. 

8. Finally, you must know now that reading is straightforward, but you will need lots of power…Have patience, courage, and strength to wait when nothing happens, to speak when everyone is quiet, and to get up when failing.

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