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How often have you thought of creating the best wellness experience in your house environment?

Nowadays, facing the current lockdown with COVID-19, we need to live our lives 24/7 in our homes. They have become our sanctuary, playground, and workspace, a place to socialize and find intimacy. We live in a world where man-created luxury leisure and wellness experiences are at four- and five-star hotels and residences, but how much of that do we implement into our home environment where we spend the most precious time of our lives?

Today, I want to share 8 simple steps to create the perfect wellness oasis with little or no money for you and your family. Following the concept of the well-known wellness wheel model, you could quickly instil into your home the dimensions of breathing, sensing, drinking and eating, moving, feeling, thinking, self-responsibility and safety.

1.                   Breathing

– Nowadays, the pollution inside the house is 2-5 times greater than outside. Because we live in an artificial environment and store many unhealthy products, equipment, and furniture in our homes, we are constantly exposed to toxins and impurities from our surroundings. Remember to invest in natural and organic cleaning materials, throw away all that artificial air fresheners, and use natural herbs, essential oils, and spices to create that exquisite fragrance.

2.                   Sensing and Good Light 

You function 24/7, and it is essential to adjust your biorhythm towards the circadian light cycle by being awake by the sunshine and resting when dark. Sadly, it is guided by the modern lifestyle that is not easy to follow, with digital distractions affecting our metabolic cycle. A good recommendation is to invest in multi-tempered lights for your bedroom, radiating in orange–yellowish shades to naturally boost melatonin levels in the body. Choose a blue light in the morning to help you awaken more easily, naturally overcome morning drowsiness, and decline the melatonin levels in your body.

Another helpful hint is to choose light colours for your walls and furniture because they reflect the daylight and visually make the space look much brighter and more prominent, especially practical for living rooms and working areas.

3.                   Drinking 

There is no life without water! Water is vitality and health, and every so often, we ignore that by simply drinking water from a closed fat plastic dispenser or a plastic supermarket bottle without much thought. Schedule a visit with a lab technician to assess the water quality at your home, advising on the best filter system according to the household members. These can be varieties between a simple model such as Brita filter system, Kangen water, LifeSource, and many more that function on carbon, UV, ceramic, and other filter types. Those can be exchanged or maintained monthly or annually and suit every budget.

4.                   Feeling  and Comfort 

“Life takes you to unexpected places; love brings you home!”When we come home, we seek that magic place of comfort. Creating a home where we feel at home is challenging but rewarding. Start by creating corners and spots that are enjoyably comfortable for the eye and body, such as short meditation or self-reflection spaces in your house. Avoid making too many distractions such as unmade beds, crowded countertops, or TV cords, obscuring your view and irritating the mind. Group functional spaces and relaxing ones away from each other to create the right atmosphere for each of them.

5.                   Thinking 

You are looking forward to the perfect vibe mix between peace and creativity for your mind, aren’t you? The easiest way to create such spaces is to bring nature into your house. By mimicking nature wherever possible within your environment, create a feeling of being outdoors yet very protected and enveloped. For example, bringing that to your living room would be through different kinds of rugs, pillows, and mats in natural patterns or colours. Bring nature through indoor plants or perhaps by setting up an aquarium or placing a water feature in the spaces for focus and rejuvenation.

6.                   Eating 

– Pull a chair taste; life is so delicious! Think about it: How likely are you to eat an apple if it’s in the fridge? Always place your healthy and fresh food in the centrepiece, on the kitchen countertops or table; you will instantly reach out to it rather than examining the fridge. Clean the chiller regularly, and please do not use plastic containers; they directly leach toxins into the food.

7.                   Moving 

– Per health recommendations, we must do vigorous physical exercise for 30 minutes daily to combat our sedentary lifestyle. Implement an active standing desk for the workspace at your home.

Fitness rooms are often inconveniently created in the garage, back yard, or hidden. When possible, position them in the front area so you remind yourself to exercise daily and start your day with a simple stretch bar and a yoga mat in the front of the house. Another great example is to create fun and active zones in your rooms using bossu balls for sitting and perhaps install decorative climbing walls or TRX  bands in the entry spaces, lobbies, or backyards so you always get a chance to be active. Practice passive fitness while watching TV, sitting on the floor, and stretching to loosen those tight hips.

8.                   Self-Responsibility and Safety 

– Your house is your fortress! Although it’s mentioned last, self-responsibility and safety are the number one points you don’t want to miss. According to medical statistics, 21 million accidents happen yearly at the house. Invest in guiding lights by the places you will most likely use at night – by the kitchen, stairs, and washrooms. Remove all the cleaning chemicals under the sink and place them in a separate shed or storage room. Two immediate benefits are eliminating the smell of these highly poisonous chemicals and restricting easy access for kids.

Ensure you take care of all the poor wiring, defective electric wires, and cracked wire insulation caused by heat, age, and bending, and install electric outlets at a fair distance from water sources.
Other suggestions are to install non-slip mats and grab bars in showers and tubs and have your home emergency kit always available, handy, and re-stocked.

Healthy wellness homes can create the happiness haven you need. With simple wellness implementations, everyday tasks are made simpler, your brain works more productively, kids grow healthier, and you create environments that boost joy and well-being. Evolving wellness-centric designs and neuro-aesthetic science combine cognitive psychology and neuroscience to study brain reactions to beauty, art, and design that are proven to pump out dopamine, inspire and create a pleasurable, delightful experience. Wellness homes help you create a holistic sanctuary to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, feeling relaxed, well-balanced, and joyful.

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