It all started when I fell off my bicycle while going to work on my summer job in Germany.

CRUSH and PAIN and NO SIGHT, at least from the right eye. I pushed myself to step back up. I was bleeding, and it was painful, but I got up and tried to walk. I was walking; yes, I felt the joy of walking in my body, in my bones. But the pain in my head persisted, and I still could not see clearly. One eye was completely closed; will I be able to see again? I started feeling desperation creeping inside of my brain. I reached the restaurant where I worked, and worried coworkers cared for me. I got into a local hospital, and I was told I needed to rest and the right eye vision required to be checked. I was told it would take a month or longer to recover. This was the hardest hit; my eyesight was lost, and I had a month to recover, hopefully, no bone fractures.

PURPOSE DRIVEN JOURNEY AND RITUALS you devotedly follow towards a visualized desired outcome. I am being frank with you: the law of attraction cannot and will not act unless you don’t know yourself from the inside out.

How do we discipline ourselves so that we meet the commitments we make? How do we know which magic buttons to push ourselves to stay on top of our lifetime? Finding the meaning of self–discipline is finding the definition of what makes you tick, brings joy to you, drives you and makes you stay awake through the night when everybody else is sleeping. Being committed is being able to hold alive that movie daily where you play the central role of the mighty emperor until you make it a reality. This remarkable success is only possible when you are on a purpose-driven journey.

WHO YOU TRAVEL WITH ON YOUR PURPOSE-DRIVEN journey on the way towards your “Purpose-Driven Journey” 

On this journey, you are not alone but in the great company of three who can be your best friends or worst enemies, depending on your efforts to listen to and fulfil their requests. Imagine setting your sail towards your goal in a beautiful sailboat in the vast ocean. 

The boat’s corpus or hull is the stability and support. This represents your inner parent who gives instructions, supervises you and protects you from going in unsafe and unhealthy directions. 

The Mainsail of the boat is your Inner Adult in life, the main driver who determines the direction of your sail, pointing and guiding you towards your final goal, a very well-experienced salesman. Finally, the 

The Motor, or the engine, is your Inner Child who supplies the drive with power and inspiration. So, as you can see, If you have a clear goal and vision and you want to reach your final destination well, safely and joyfully, you have to listen to these three individuals in yourself – the parent, the adult and the child and ensure they keep good company with each other. If one of them suffers, there is no way to reach your final goal; you will crush, lose direction, or be overtaken by pirates or other sea forces. The same is true with us individuals: pursuing, following, and persisting in our dreams is only possible by knowing and making sense of this “know yourself” structure.


I recommend feeding your inner child first. As long as you are fed, your child will be happy, and you will move ahead in peace and contentment. For this, find the activities and things that brought you joy and made you happy as a child: eating ice cream, playing in the garden, singing, dancing and providing to your child along the drive in inspiration.

Enjoyment and achievement go together. Many books and authors say the secret to accomplishing more is to stop doing everything you dislike doing and focus on the one that brings you joy. Every time you do something for the money or the recognition, you quickly fail or lose interest. The child in you wants to have fun and get rewarded if the task is finished successfully. Remember always to start here when you want to find inspiration for your next goal, commitment or long-term project.

Offer a Reward

Think about what you are willing to endure to get the prize. What would you sacrifice for the happiness of winning the award? When I decided to have a healthy body and fully recovered eyesight again, I managed to visualize this process daily; the power of the recognition I was getting from my parents and their pride in me kept me going. I have imagined going back utterly healthy in their arms and telling them stories of the summer vacation, the adventures and the money I managed to bring to them for the first time! But I had to discipline my body and keep it under control. You will be surprised that most elite athletes have a different incentive discipline. They are hedonists — pleasure-seekers. They live disciplined lives and endure all kinds of self-denial because they want to experience the pleasures of the prize, not only the perishable but also the imperishable prize of feeling the taste of being triumphant and victorious.

LISTENING TO THE PARENT FOR SUPERVISION. The parent in us is the guardian, the one with the most extended experience and wisdom. It’s the authority figure in charge of the Health and Safety Manual and follows it daily. If you happen to hear the voice of 

“Be careful; it’s not safe; watch out for danger; be committed; only in this way will you succeed.”

“This is your parents talking. He needs to be appreciated and respected as the oldest person with the most extended experience living in you. He wants to save you, protect you, and teach you all his life lessons so you can successfully take the shortcuts toward your goal. He needs respect and obedience. They often stop you from doing something childish and stupid, stepping out of your impulse but not your wisdom. He is watching out and shouting at you when you start crossing the borders of disrespectful behaviours and unlawful acts. Listen to him closely before you undertake any journey, and take all his advice before you start your journey.

SAIL AHEAD WITH YOUR ADULT CAPTAIN. Your adult is your guide and your leader. He is the CAPTAIN AND THE MASTER!

NAVIGATOR OF YOUR SAILBOAT. He will be the earliest to rise and the latest to sleep. He is your journey’s primary driver and always looks for action. He is the master warrior ready to step first upfront and deal with any adversity that arises on the horizon. He takes action when everyone is silent, knows when to return at the right time, and reaps the blossoming rewards. He is the active pursuer of your goals and dreams and often doesn’t sleep at night. When you follow your purpose–driven journey, connect with him to start the process and be on top of it. He will always ask you what you have done today and how much you have accomplished and hold you accountable for it. Only by knowing your three companions can you force yourself with their secret strength and armour to win the battle of self-doubt, distraction, lack of focus and despair. SELF-DISCIPLINE SUCCESS SYMBOL ( THE BOAT IMAGE )

PURPOSE DRIVEN RITUALNow, knowing those three individuals living and working in you and not against you, you can set your 

POWER PURPOSE-DRIVEN RITUAL. The ritual is something that keeps you going on pursuing your goal daily. Let’s say you are trying to achieve a better relationship in your marriage, weight loss or be more confident. Hypothetically, you start pursuing your goal and maintain little to no self-discipline in how you begin the pursuit and follow through with it. You have allowed for a weak input in your mind since you haven’t set a daily ritual. This weak self-discipline will generate disappointment and a feeling of defeat in your mind. Weak thoughts will be impacted by every little distraction( media, a friend calling, a parent’s advice, work-related issue)

“The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his mind may take possession of everything else to which he is justly entitled.” – Andrew Carnegie.

Possessing your mind or being in charge of your mind helps you become the sailor in charge of your boat and setting your foot on the land of your dreams.

This is why you MUST set your PURPOSE DRIVEN RITUAL daily. What works best for me is a ‘check’ book where you can tick off daily tasks accomplished and tick those off as you go. You can do this on a notebook or phone or even get an accountability buddy to inspire each other. Your ritual can be as simple as one sentence of gratitude on what you appreciate your husband daily, reducing your meals to only two daily, or saying self-appraising affirmations for 1 minute before you sleep. The secret here is to make these small daily rituals guide you towards your big goal daily. Create this ritual with a specific order to serve your inner child and your parent with joy by complying with all the safety and health rules and calling upon your adult to set the action.

Ask yourself: How much do I want to change that habit, behaviour, and reality?✓ How can I satisfy the needs of all three individuals living in me daily?✓ Did I listen to and comply with each equally, or did I ignore/tolerate someone towards someone else today?

“The mechanism of the mind is a profound system of organized power, which can be released only by one means: by strict self-discipline.” – Napoleon Hill.

Strict Self-Discipline here means not missing even a day on your set course and being so focused on only what you pursue that you miss seeing all the distractions set for you on the way.

BY FOLLOWING THE SECRET OF SELF-DISCIPLINE, YOU ACCOMPLISH SUCCESS. This self-discipline success model works the same in all areas of your life: business, work, education, money, and relationships. The quality of the results and successes you achieve in life depends on the quality and strictness of your self-discipline. In other words, the real secret to self-discipline is 

ACHIEVING SUCCESS through creating

ACHIEVING SUCCESS through CREATING A PURPOSEFUL DRIVEN JOURNEY AND RITUALS. There is no better place and time to start than starting here and now. Sit down in a quiet place and draft your purposeful journey, where you want to reach, what it is like, your destination, how it feels like, what it smells like, how you are dressed, and how you are alone. Ask yourself all these questions and feel how you want to think at the end of your success journey. Set that intention that you are going to reach there no matter what, and start drafting your own 

DAILY RITUALS. You need to take these steps to get there, and I advise you to : 

Start with small and achievable SMART goals: get on a romantic holiday with my husband without the kids, lose 5 kg this month or apply for an admission/job that you never thought you were worthy of.

Have your ritual displayed on a visual place – board, phone, or mirror- so you keep ticking off those boxes daily.

Follow up daily for a month to start. Setting a daily reminder for longer or shorter than a month is an excellent place to begin. A month is a good time to be reviewed, measured and rewarded.

“92 % of people who set goals at the beginning of each year don’t achieve them.” – University of Scranton.

In 2002, in one study led by a Stanford University psychologist, scientists guided by Prof. John C. Norcross gauged whether test subjects believed they could exhaust their willpower and sought to convince them otherwise. The researchers found that people “performed better or worse [on tests] depending on their belief in the durability of willpower.” It reveals that most people can’t follow through on a simple goal they set out to achieve. This is proof that the key to all is your mindset; if the results you go after don’t come fast enough, and you realize this is not possible but only an imagination  –  you stop living your dreams. Do not let yourself go into that trap by keeping your saw sharpened and follow through on your rituals towards your journey to 

DESTINATION SUCCESS! It is painful sometimes, yes, but pain means you are changing and reaching for new resources that you have never tapped into before. Remember, PERSEVERE, I guarantee you will be rewarded sooner than you think. Keep moving forward and progress towards your goals until this is your REALITY!

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Books to read:

1. The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy

2. Mastery, Robert Greene

3. No Excuses, Brian Tracy

4. The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and

5. What You Can Do to Get More of It, Kelly McGonigal

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