1. Choose Feedback, Not Failure

We are all on the way to our life journey, and we are here to learn and excel in our learnings as human beings. Mistakes are part of the lessons, similar to our studies at the school. Think about it: did you make all your assignments perfect and correct from the first time? There was always something to correct and learn from, so you had a teacher or supervisor to help you. Life is our teacher, and the difference in life is that the exam comes first and the lesson after; therefore, we need to accept all as a lesson to perfect ourselves. Keep a compassionate attitude toward yourself and love yourself on the go. Life’s nature is dynamic: you try, fail, succeed, achieve, stumble, fall, and get up. You continuously learn and are the winner if you take it this way. Maintain a positive attitude and remember you are here for a specific calling and reason. See where you can help others – perhaps others around you failed worse and have a story for you; see them and hear them. And the benefit is double as soon as you help others fix their problems, you allow yourself to.

2. Change the movie in your head – make life as you want.

Often, I hear from people – I have an evil eye on me, I am always in trouble, someone must have cursed me or hated me, etc. Today, you have a bad day or feeling; it does not depend on someone else. Forget about the curse or evil magic and low karma – get the facts of life. Perhaps you feel bad about your achievements so far or lack of accomplishments; maybe you are jealous or angry with someone better than you physically or financially, or maybe you trusted, but they turned their back on you at the last moment. This is part of life and will always be – similar to when you fall as a baby. You quickly get up and only understand what is up and down. This reality teaches us how to be up by learning what is to be down. Be present and enjoy your blessings; you have so many gifts of life; start observing and counting them. Life is entirely of opposites, which is why it’s so interesting; the people who sit in the corner and wait for something to happen will never see the natural beauty of life. When you take a leap of faith and run ahead of you to explore this life, this is when you grow stronger. 

When we surrender to reality, we allow ourselves to accept and embrace our life here and now. Otherwise, you continue sitting in the corner and living in the past or the future. The present gets you to move ahead.

3. Turn towards people who love you.

The relationship with our friends is the backbone of our love. You express how much love you have in your soul tank when you love them. These relationships are essential to sustain and nourish as you nourish yourself daily. You shall thank God every day for the relationships you have close to you in your life. This might be a girlfriend you often call for coffee or simply like to discuss things with; this can be your older sister or cousin who understands you so well or a friend from the school you always call when in trouble, even if you are kilometres away. It is important to remember these friends and relations when things are easy – we often forget about them and only think once we are in trouble. The partner left you, the husband cheated on you, or your best girlfriend no longer talks to you after getting married… Stuff happens, so you need to be there for these people who have always been there for you. Mature love is love that changes; life is good and evil, but you keep holding hands together. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those you feel close to – even if you have forgotten them for some time, as long as you are honest, open, and vulnerable, they will always understand you. Love is repair work. We love, so we reach out to help and heal. We take responsibility for our mistakes, learning to say we’re sorry. We learn to forgive, and we accept the forgiveness of another.

4. Find your golden time to listen to books and talks about success in the morning.

It is easy and natural to wake up and start thinking about the troubles in our day rather than our blessings, but such an attitude undermines our ability to take life as a precious gift. We are responsible for everything in our lives – how our body looks, our energy level in our day, and the mindset we carry with us everywhere. We have magically created that complete program through our lives that plays on a particular channel every day ( the one we mostly listen to). It is up to us to tune in to this or another medium, and we can change it if we wish to. The mornings are the most essential part of your day as this is where the day’s intention is set and the day’s channel is chosen. Changing it for the day is challenging once you tune in to the wrong track or channel with limiting beliefs. It often happens that with time, we think we have only this channel, and we forget to be open to the universe and explore that vast cosmic space with so much abundance in wisdom and information. Choose the way you start your day to be a positive one; listen to uplifting speeches, inspiring heroes, and people who went through hardships and overcame them. You will be surprised, perhaps one day, to discover while listening to a book or empowering speech as if this was written or said for you.

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