I often find myself glued to my screens everywhere, at the office or at home. Recently, by joining #WorldDigitalDetox Day, I made it my mission to stick to a strict routine of mornings and evenings, being away from the blue lights for at least two hours after waking and before bedtime.

After researching the best practices globally on a digital detox, here is my top #14 list of what to follow if you wish to get slowly but surely the digital bugs in complete control.

1. Unplug from devices and the internet: Take regular digital detox breaks, even if only for an hour or two a day, and completely unplug from your devices and the internet.

2. Limit your screen time: Set a timer and stick to it when you decide to take a leisurely day away from digital. For example, you may only spend an hour on your phone or laptop daily.

3. Get outside: Spend time in nature, walk, or watch and dive into the wilderness or beautiful landscapes around you. I often take a walk to admire the beauty of nature and smell the freshness of the grass and trees around me.

4. Read a book: Reading can help you disconnect from the digital world and focus on something else for a while. I read for at least an hour before bed every day, which keeps me away from all devices.

5. Spend time with friends and family: Spend quality time with those closest to you without the distraction of technology. If you live in a city away from your family and friends, find time to go out and meet people at least once every week, make new acquaintances, and network.

7. Meditate: Take a few minutes daily to clear your mind and relax. I love doing that before bedtime and writing affirmations and plans for the next day.

8. Create: Take the time to create something, whether painting, photography or writing. I love to write, and when I do that, I make sure the WIFI is off, so I use my computer simply as my typewriting machine.

9. Unplug for a set amount of time each day. I love to do that two hours before bed and two hours after I wake up, ensuring I have time for my morning and bedtime rituals.

10. Use apps that block and limit your access to specific websites and apps.

11. Don’t bring your digital devices to bed. I use my bed as an anchor for a deep night of good sleep; therefore, I always go there when I am dead tired or, if I still have some energy, mostly take an excellent book to read and drift away.

12. Delete social media apps from your phone and only access them from your computer. I have done that successfully with Instagram and Facebook and love it. Due to the nature of my business, I kept Linked In still on my phone as it helps me instantly message and stay in contact with people in my network.13. Avoid using your phone as your alarm clock. Buy an alarm clock; you will be surprised how you sleep and feel better when awake by an alarm clock rather than your phone.

14. Create tech-free zones in your home. This zone, for me, is my bedroom.

What are your best digital detox practices? Let me hear from you and grow my awareness toward creating a less digital and more human world.

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