Implementing D.I.Y Wellness in Hotels & Spa

15,00 د.إ


Running an independent Spa or Hotel offering health-related solutions for busy travellers and residents, you recognize the importance of providing wellness services.

Implementing and periodically updating activities and features to provide a unique health-focused experience for your guests ensures you stay on top of your game. A state-of-the-art facility offers treatments, from the most innovative biohacking experiences, through ever-so-arising mind therapies to traditional massages and facials. Multiple fitness activities and the latest hi-tech equipment are provided in parallel to create a sense of holistic wellness for your guests.

How to provide a space for them to relax and re-energize from the check-in throughout their stay? How do we carefully create and curate a space intertwined with happenings to promote de-stress, re-balance, and vitality boost while being profitable for stakeholders and owners How to educate your partners and decision-makers along the way without being ridiculed or sounding absurd and unrealistic? Dive in to explore insights from a spa and wellness professional who went on a 20+ years wellness journey to figure out what works and what does not.

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