As a leader, you often compare yourself to others. Sometimes, this drives you into vicious cycles and unavoidable self-doubt. The energy is lost in thinking of what you could be and where you should be rather than starting tiny steps toward the change you want.

Practice comparing yourself to where you have started as a professional and the experience you have gained and used to accomplish well-formed outcomes. People have their inside world consisting of feelings, hopes, expectations, fears, beliefs, dreams, emotions, resilience, disappointments, and all that is on the inside driving the outside. The outside world is your house, stuff, products, etc. As an NLP professional, we help people recognize the present and achieve a desired future through a Box of Tools. NLP professional helps you by asking questions to clarify your goals. Your state during this process is essential as you will anchor that motivation and set your smart goals. For example, have you noticed generally saying, “I don’t want this, I don’t want that to happen.” instead, say what you want to happen and be aware of how you verbalize your wishes and goals before your colleagues. Keep it simple; the brain doesn’t like complex stuff.

If you want a promotion or higher status in your company, It’s not in your control, but you could prepare yourself for the interview or request a one-on-one meeting with your superior to speak about opportunities and options. If you want to move to a managing director position, prepare yourself for what is in your control, what has to happen, and what you need to do to move to that position. How we instil the NLP magic in our world is through the senses: the smell, the taste, the feel, what you have to give up, ecology check, how your promotion is going to impact your friends and family, who do you think you are, you may have to lose a couple of friends and family by doing that. Ask yourself if you have made the decision and what your timeline is. Well-formed outcomes come with grasping the bigger goal and breaking it into milestones within your grasp mode. Ask yourself if this goal of promotion fits with your values and beliefs, and what identity you have to take on creating is very important while working on your goals. The language you use is crucial; instead of “I need to, I have to,” use words like “I am able, I want.” The environment, people, and places support your goals; choose them wisely.  

NLP reminds you to stop comparing yourself to someone else and beating yourself up on why things are not this or that way. Stay curious and explore as the small kids do, and imagine all the options you have to accomplish the impossible in your head (it is only in your head). If things don’t go the way you want them to, you may fall and get up again or cry for a few minutes, then skip off and try something new.

If you stay coachable, curious, flexible, and think “out of the box” in this challenging new world, you will constantly be on the ride and most wanted when companies start a new project and want you to “hit the ground running.”

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