A super powerful colour, affirmations  and aroma-inspired yoga sequence   

I have always believed in the importance of an excellent start to the day on physical, mental and emotional levels. While being a full-time employee, I often made excuses for not having the time and space for it and always regretted my decisions. Frequently, many women around me complain about not having the time to do something for themselves by being overloaded with the roles of mother, housewife and full-time employee.

Years ago, I was a follower of long and difficult gym training at a minimum of an hour, as I was told that’s what delivers the results of a great body and energy. However, that did not consistently deliver the results I was aiming for. Today, with the busy, hectic lifestyle we all have to spare, that time becomes a “mission impossible”.

My overwhelming agenda as a working professional made me often think about how to fit into my self-care routine, including body-mind-emotion rituals, most efficiently.  Challenged with all that, I came up with a 20-minute program that is even simpler than it initially seems, as once a disciplined habit is formed, you will find it easier to focus on more than one level at a time. The routine is done best in the morning; if for any reason not possible, you can do it anytime, except before bedtime due to its energizing effects.   If you have to perform it during your lunch break, do it at a quiet place to allow you to relax and focus simultaneously. To do exercises with 100% productivity, connecting each physical exercise with the energy centre that relates to it simultaneously on the mind and body level is very important. Once you master the exercises, the routine will be easy and intuitive to follow, and you can tailor the exercises to your own capabilities and needs.

If you have any health-related concerns,  please consult your physician. This article provides general guidance only and not a one-fits-all approach. Before you start exploring further, remember always to be gentle and considerate of your limitations and capabilities.

The daily program – sequence and explanations

The daily sequence consists of 7 exercises starting from the lower to the highest energy level or chakras of the body. Each exercise consists of a physical part explained in text and shown in pictures below, colour and aroma experience related to it, and affirmation of a mantra that vibrates on the level of the relevant energy centre. Initially, you will perhaps not remember to do all at the same time, and that is fine as long as you keep training your mind to relate colours, aromas and affirmations to the physical posture you are performing. Later, with time, you will become more confident, choose your rhythm and pace, and perhaps play your favourite music while performing. You can begin by simply following the seven exercises and having fun while being present at the moment.

Exercise 1: Muladara Chakra

Essential oil: Spray,  rub on the spot or recall the aroma of a cedar, geranium or lavender essential  oil

Colour: Visualize a purple-red colour and concentrate on the level of the lower abdomen

Mantra: Say in your mind or aloud, “I am innocent.”

•Sit on the ground in a lotus position or half-lot position. Place one ankle on top of the opposite thigh and the other up to the crease of the thigh and pelvis if possible. Otherwise, cross your legs in front. Relax your hips and knees as much as you can without experiencing pain. Straighten your spine and lower your arms to your knees, as shown in the photo above.

•Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. First, exhale slowly until you empty all the air from your stomach, then slowly take in the air, counting at least to 4, hold for 16 counts and exhale slowly, counting to at least 8. Close your eyes and do that breath sequence for 5-10 rounds. Allow your mind to calm down and draw attention to yourself.

•Visualize a red colour and concentrate on the lower abdomen area. Say the mantra, “I am innocent. I am grounded and balanced.”

Exercise 2: Swadistan Chakra

Essential oil: Spray or rub sweet orange or sandalwood essential oil

Colour: Visualize the orange colour and concentrate one level below the navel.

Mantra: “I fully trust and am guided by my intuition.”

·         Lie on your back, arms close to the body and legs bent at the knees. When your pelvis is on the ground, take a deep breath and exhale when pushing your pelvis up. Activate the pelvis muscles when you are in the highest position. Start moving from your back, slowly lift the body and exhale. At the end of each exhalation, slightly press your feet to the floor so your pelvis is as far as possible from the ground. Slowly inhale when up and exhale. Lower your body down until you touch the lower back to the floor.

·         Visualize the orange colour, concentrating on the area below the navel, and repeat the series twice for 10-15 counts. Affirm the mantra: “I fully trust and am guided by my intuition.”

Exercise 3: Nabi Chakra

Essential oil: Spray or rub bergamot, grapefruit or tangerine essential oil

 Colour: Visualize yellow and concentrate on the area between the navel and the solar plexus

Mantra: “I am satisfied / I am satisfied with everything I have.”

·         Lie on your back, exhale and bend your left knee to your chest, hold it for two seconds, then stretch your right knee parallel to the ground. Inhale and change legs. Do the same with the right leg. Stretch your left leg and press your right knee to your body. By every switch of the legs, inhale and exhale. Keep changing your legs and repeat the move with each leg ten to twelve times.

·         Visualize yellow while you do this at the chakra level.

·         Repeat the round twice, remembering to concentrate on the chakra. Affirm the mantra: “I am satisfied / I am satisfied with everything I have.”

Exercise 4: The Anahata Chakra

Essential oil: Spray or rub fir, rose or eucalyptus tree essential oil

Colour: Visualize the green colour and concentrate on the level of the heart

Mantra: “I am unconditional love.”

·         Start with a kneeling position with your hands on your hips. Exhale and bend over the upper body forward, touching the head to the ground. Slide your hands on the floor before you and touch the floor with your palms facing down. Keep your forearms as close as possible to the floor.

·         Keep your thighs firmly glued to the calves by gently pushing your pelvis to your heels and, at the same time, keep your back straight. Let the forehead touch the ground. The upper chest should lie as much as possible closer to the floor. Stay in this pose and breathe normally and slowly for at least 3-5 minutes.

·         To release the position, slide your arms back to baby pose and finally sit down in a kneeling position.

·         Visualize dark green while doing the pose on your heart chakra level and repeat the posture at least twice.

When leaning forward and downward, exhale, hold on and inhale while releasing the posture. Affirm the mantra “I am unconditional love.”

Exercise 5: Vishudi Chakra

Essential oil: Spray or rub ylang-ylang oil or peppermint essential oil

Colour: Visualize turquoise blue colour

Mantra: ” I am unattached to the whiteness of the universal play. I am diplomatic in my language, behaviour and communication.”

·         Start by lying down on the floor. Let your hands rest on the floor next to your body, and breathe normally. Lift your legs slowly until they are almost 90 degrees from the floor.

·         Now place your hands under the lower back, at the waist level. Use your hands and your elbows as a support to lift your body further.

·         Use the palm rest to lift the pelvis up until it is about 45 degrees from the ground. At this point, body weight rests on your shoulders. The forearms and elbows remain as supports for maintaining the balance of the body.

·         Stay in this position for about 2-3 min. Breathe normally.

·         As you release the position, the breath is held, and the body slowly returns to a prone position.

·         Repeat twice,  remembering to concentrate on the throat level and visualizing the blue colour. Say the mantra: ” I am unattached to the whiteness of the universal play. I am diplomatic in my language, behaviour and communication.”

Exercise 6: Agnia Chakra

Essential oil: Spray or rub neroli, mint or eucalyptus essential oil

Colour: Visualize the indigo colour and concentrate on the level of the third eye – the space between the eyebrows.

Mantra: “I forgive myself and everyone else.”

·         Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed as shown, in lotus or half as per your comfort.

·         Rub the palms of your hands vigorously till they are warm. Place them on the closed eyes until you experience complete darkness. Feel the warmth and energy transmitted by your hands towards your eyes and behind the muscles of the eyes.

·         Visualize the indigo colour while doing that on your forehead area.

· repeat at least three times when the hand’s heat is absorbed. Stay in the pose for 1-2 minutes, concentrating on the point between the eyebrows. Affirm  the mantra:  “I forgive myself and everyone else.”

Exercise 7: Sahasrara Crown Chakra

Essential Oil: Incense oil, rose, lotus essential oil

Colour: Visualize a light violet and focus on the space above your head.

Mantra: “The power of God protects me / I am overcoming all obstacles with the strength of God/ I’m self-realized. “

·         Sit cross-legged or lay down in the yoga pose of “Padmasana” or dead body posture on the floor.

·         Start with a deep inhalation; hold your breath and exhale deeply and longer. Over time, try to lengthen your exhalation and practice holding on to the moment in the absence of thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

·         Stay in the pose for at least 5 minutes and gradually increase the time to 10-15 min daily. With this exercise, the practice ends, but you can easily extend the meditation to another 5- 10min.


So many times, we have all experienced feeling more energy-depleted than charged after a long and challenging training session at the gym or with our favourite fitness program. The program I am sharing with you is tried and tested by me while juggling family and work duties, increasing my energy and sustaining it for the day ahead. The beauty of the program is its short and effective method, combined not only to train your body but also to balance your emotions and uplift your spirit at the same time.

Concentrating on the energy centres while performing the exercises, visualizing the corresponding colour, and affirming the mantra will help you simultaneously do your  “physical, mental and emotional fitness. ”  You may play your favourite music and experiment with a different tempo and rhythm until you find your own pace. Make this your time full of joy fun, and explore what is resonating with you.

I wish you a great time and would be delighted to hear your feedback!

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